History of underwear

Time: 2019-05-05
Summary: The first patented bra in the United States.
A story
According to records, the first patented bra in the United States was invented by a woman named Mary Phelps Jacobs. The girl who entered the social circle suddenly fell tired of the stiff corset when she attended a dance. So with the help of a French maid, two braces with a pink ribbon formed into a bra-like underwear. When she appeared in the ball in a flowing evening dress, her natural breasts immediately attracted envious eyes. She then made many of the same productions for her girlfriends, and in 1914 she applied for a patent in the name of Caresse Crosby, the so-called "Backless Brassiere" was born at that time. . Later, the patent was bought by Warner Brothers Corset Company for $1,500. It has been estimated that the subsequent value of this patent must be at least four zeros after the 1,500$.
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