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Which underwear fabric is better?

1. CottonSweat-absorbing, breathable, warm, easy to dye and print, this is also a common fabric in our lives, but cotton is easy to fade, susceptible to mildew and silverfish. When exposed to water, the size of the cotton shrinks or becomes larger, and the stretchability is poor and easy to wrinkle. Sweat also reduces the strength of cotton and causes yellowing. But comfortable is really comfortable, and the longer you wear it, the softer the texture becomes.2. SilkThe touch and the material are all good, no static electricity, and at the same time, it can absorb sweat and breath. The only downside is that it is not easy to clean, you have to scrub or dry clean by hand very gently when washing. Velvet is elegant and luxurious with a natural smoothness. If it is decorated with French lace or Swiss embroidery and velvet, it can achieve a very gorgeous effect.3. ModalModal is a fiber spun from natural wood or other materials. In short, this fabric is an environmentally friendly and renewable material. It's generally smooth to the touch, extremely comfortable to wear, and doesn't fade easily after multiple washes. However, it is easy to pilling, has poor shape retention and wear resistance, and has strong flammability.4. NylonAlso known as nylon fiber, this kind of fabric has excellent elasticity and resilience, and its wear resistance ranks first in all kinds of fabrics, which is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products. Therefore, it is also quite durable. Moreover, the hygroscopicity of nylon fabrics is a better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics, so the clothes made of nylon are very comfortable to wear.Because it is a close-fitting clothing, the comfort and breathability of the fabric are still very important. The inner fabric is not good, and it is full of loads after wearing it all day, and it is easy to damage the delicate skin. In our daily life, we should also pay more attention to choosing comfortable products.

What kind of underwear do women wear in summer?

In summer, it is best to choose underwear with better breathability and hygroscopicity. Breathable underwear can exude sweat and dirt from the skin, keep the skin dry, and regulate body temperature, so as not to affect the skin's metabolism and hinder health. So what kind of underwear do women in summer wear? How do women buy underwear? Next, I will introduce them to you for your reference.What kind of underwear do women wear in summer?1, hemp fiberThe hemp fiber extracted from the stalk of hemp has a thick texture and is prone to wrinkles, but as long as the iron is hot, it will return to its original state. The properties of hemp fiber are very ventilated and cool, suitable for summer wear.2, cottonThe cotton fiber from the cottonseed is easy to be dyed into various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable and absorbs sweat. It is the main material for most underwear. In addition, the durability of cotton fibers is also recognized.3, natural fiberThere are mainly milk fiber, soybean fiber, modal fiber, banana fiber, pineapple fiber and the like. They are made from abrupt substances made from modern materials. These fibers are also an excellent choice for underwear fabrics.4, silkSilk is known as the queen of textiles, and people accept it not only because of its beauty, lightness, softness and smoothness, but also because it has a unique health care function: moisture permeability. In the hot summer, the moisture absorption and breathability of silk underwear help to regulate the temperature and humidity of the human body.

How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type

1. Lingerie For Hourglass Body TypeIf you have a stereotypical “36-24-36” figure, wear lingerie that adds oomph to your already hot bod. With shoulders and hips that are of the same width and a slender waistline, anything sits well on this type of body. However, garter belts, teddies, and corsets are top-notch choices for this body type. You can also go for a high-leg panty or a thong with a lace bra.2. Lingerie For Triangle Body TypeBig hips are all the rage right now, and the triangle body type is characterized by exactly that. Your hips are wider than your shoulders when you have a triangle body. The idea is to make your body look more balanced and proportionate. A lacy negligee that is taut at the breasts but flows down around the hips is a great option. A bustier is also a great option to draw attention to your breasts. You can also try out a matching set with a ruffled bra and panties or a bandeau bra that levels out your shoulders and hips.3. Lingerie For Rectangle Body TypeIf you have an athletic figure with no defined curves, you have a rectangular body. You need something that cinches at the waist, and corsets are the best option for that. They add curves and look sensuous. If you have a long torso, a garter belt or a teddy will look great on you. You can also accentuate your breasts by going for push-up bras and bustier lingerie.4. Lingerie For Inverted Triangle Body Type         Broad shoulders define this body type, and what you decide to showcase is a personal preference. Halter necks are your best option here. If you have a flatter bum, go for a teddy to divert attention away from it. A bralette with a matching lace panty or a thong is another sexy option. Matching cami sets are another option if you like a relatively tame look.5. Lingerie For Round Body Type    Lingerie For Round Body Type PinitIf you have a rounded waist and your torso and upper body are much wider than your hips, you have a round body. This means you need lingerie that makes your body look proportionate. A negligee that hides chunks of your waistline and defines your bust line is a good option. A teddy also sits well on this type of body. For newbies, a pair of chemises or satin lingerie gowns are an interesting choice – they are sexy and give you coverage.